mini-apple extract

our skin perfecting ingredient !

Location of the ingredient

NOM : mini-apple extract

NOM LATIN : malus domestica fruit extract

TYPE : fruit tree


ORIGINE : Normandy, France

Location of the ingredient

the virtues

mini-apple extract

Mini-apple extract, small but powerful!

Mini-apples contain high concentrations of malic acid (more than ripe apples), which is a powerful skin rejuvenator and perfector.

Our mini-apple extract offers many benefits as it strengthens the skin’s barrier function and boosts cell renewal. This resurfacing ingredient is also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote beautiful, healthy skin.

This extract can activate different receptors and mechanisms within our epidermal cells for a brighter, even complexion.

Sustainable sourcing of mini-apples in Normandy :

• To improve the size and quality of the harvest, some of the fruitlets are picked before they ripen. This is called thinning.

• These mini-apples are not suitable for eating because they are very acidic but instead of throwing them away, they are reused as a cosmetics ingredient.

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