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Our organic face care products from France are multi-use. They have been designed to simplify your beauty routine by going to the essentials in a sensory and effective way.

natural and organic skin cleansers organic face serums and creams

Our facial skincare products are composed of only natural ingredients. With their concentration of botanical oils and waters, they will have full bio-affinity with your skin, making them more effective. Our patented compound of fruit tree buds is our key active ingredient: in our facial skincare products, it rejuvenates and deeply moisturises your skin! And our anti-pollution ingredient, organic buckwheat extract, in all our cleansers and make-up removers, protects your skin from oxidative stress and helps it to get rid of particulates. In all of our facial skincare products, you will find the 100% natural “petal care” fragrance. Developed with perfumer Elise Bénat, it releases top notes of bergamot and anise, a heart of mandarin and cardamom and base notes of vanilla cedar.

all our approved products

 99% to 100% natural ingredients

 French origin

 11 out of 12 products approved

patented 3-bud-complex

environmentally friendly bottles and packaging