the body wellness routine set

Biovive presents its first body routine set. It is composed of a fresh water, to perfume yourself or the interior of your house, and a moisturizing body balm. It will be ideal to satisfy both women and men !

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the body wellness routine set



The body wellness routine set: perfect for a treat!

Immerse yourself in an ultra-sensory bubble thanks to the captivating body products. The universal body balm will calm and protect your skin with the help of active plant oils and waters. These moisturizing agents will be ideal to fight the dryness of your skin often caused by the external agressions in winter. This balm perfectly nourishes your epidermis for a soft, moisturized and supple skin all year long.

The universal aromatic fresh water is an energetic fragrance that subtly envelops the body and hair with an energizing scent.

A little bonus: it can also be used as a night mist! Both products are available in large sizes for maximum pleasure! 

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 99% to 100% natural ingredients

 French origin

 11 out of 12 products approved

patented 3-bud-complex

environmentally friendly bottles and packaging