our promise : conscious beauty that has meaning !

In beauty, as in nature, every little thing we do matters.

Each project, no matter its size, can take simple and practical steps towards improving the impact of human activity on the environment. At Biovive, we follow an ecological process in the development of our cosmetic products.

Animals are living-beings and we respect them

logo vegan soiety

The Vegan Society certification guarantees the absence of any ingredients of animal origin in our formulas, as well as guaranteeing that no ingredients or end products have been tested on animals. All our products have gained this certification except the balm-to-oil make-up remover which contains beeswax, which is indispensable in order to obtain its smooth, velvety texture.

A committed eco-recycling design

All the packaging of our products have been carefully designed in a recycling-design process according to very strict environmental criteria:

  • Our bottles and glasses are made of infinitely recyclable glass.
  • Our tubes are made of PCR plastic, recycled as much as possible (up to 50%) and recyclable.
  • The stopper accessories are made of recyclable plastic.
  • We have not included any instructions in our packaging.
  • We have limited the use of cases to a minimum, keeping them only to protect fragile glass packaging.
  • The cardboard boxes and other paper supports come from sustainably managed forests.
  • FSC certified, they are also printed with vegetable inks (Imprim'Vert label). 

all our approved products

 99% to 100% natural ingredients

 French origin

 11 out of 12 products approved

patented 3-bud-complex

environmentally friendly bottles and packaging