our approach : advocate natural beauty that is certified organic

Too organic to be true ? Certainly not !

To protect, repair and bring out the natural beauty of your skin every day, our products are certified COSMOS ORGANIC, the most rigorous European label. This label guarantees that our formulas contain at least:

  • 95% ingredients of natural origin. 
  • 20%  of organic ingredients.

  We go even further with our produtcs, made 99% to 100% natural and entirely phytoactive ingredients !

Even our fragrances are 100% natural ! 


At the heart of our formulas, there are active ingredients and nothing else :


1. Our active 3-bud-complex

2. Active botanical oils

We have chosen 4 French botanical oils of natural origin: camelina, hemp, olive and sunflower oils.

Rich in lipids, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids (Omegas 3, 6 and 9) that are required for healthy skin, these oils are in perfect bio-affinity with all skin types, even oily skins.

We obtain the botanical oils by cold pressing in order to preserve all their complementary properties : 

regenerating, émollientes, anti-raddical. With these products, skin regeneration and cell protection are at your fingertips ! 

3. Active botanical waters

In our formulas, even the water is active !

We have replaced some of the water usually found in cosmetics with botanical waters of French origin with concentrated active powers : lemon botanical, barley shoot botanical water and sprouts of evening primrose botanical water.

4. Organic buckwheat seed extract

A powerful anti-pollution ingredients in all our cleansers and make-up removers, it helps to detoxify your skin deeply on a daily basis.

What it does exactly : helps to eliminate particulates and protect the skin from the inflammatory stress and environmental aggressors that we are all exposed to nowadays.

With our skincare products, the power of nature is in the palm of your hand.


Are you busy too ? Together, let's adopt a short but effective beauty routine !

We are all looking for the ideal range of meaningful skincare products...

We don't think a beauty routine has to be time-consuming to be effective.

We decided to concentrate the Biovive formulas on what is essential : effective ingredients.

We propose short skincare routines using our universal products with multiusage textures, respecting each natural skin type and meet its vital needs to reveal its original strength and beauty.


Don't forget, adopting a shorter routine while using more multi-purpose products also reduces waste. Let's make our skincare routine meaningful !

all our approved products

 99% to 100% natural ingredients

 French origin

 11 out of 12 products approved

patented 3-bud-complex

environmentally friendly bottles and packaging