the detox face routine set


These two complementary products will offer your face a real detox! The skin will be cleansed of pollution and regenerated. A set that will revive the radiance of your complexion.

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the detox face routine set



A set that will do your skin good!

The Biovive mask gently purifies and rebalances the skin with white clay and provides a healthy glow with red clay. 3 minutes are enough to refine the pores, rid the skin of pollution for a more radiant glow!

The scrub gently exfoliates the skin thanks to the thick-grained cherry pit powder and the finer-grained perlite powder. By eliminating dead cells, cell renewal is encouraged, skin texture is smoothed and pores are less visible. Thanks to these two products, your skin will be detoxified and free of all traces of pollution.

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